Side effects of steroids, their harm and Solution

Side effects of steroids, their harm and SolutionAbout side effects of steroids say all athletes: beginners are afraid of them, and they are experienced athletes so fed up that they even talk about it do not want. In fact, it’s not so scary, because most side effects can quickly handle the simplest of ways, and some of you can and do forget, if you follow certain guidelines.

Contraindications and side effects prevention

Steroids are common among athletes as an effective means to build muscle, increase strength, improve endurance and speed recovery after strenuous workouts.

Despite best buy cialis the huge amount of information, many bodybuilders, including experienced taking AAS for several years, do not know how to reduce the negative impact of such funds on your body.

Prevent or eliminate most of the side effects of steroids can be, following a few very simple guidelines:

  • For each drug has its own recommended dosage, plus payment of individual dosage based on its own weight, physical form, length of AAS use. Many ignore such a way and take more than they need, and why get negative returns.
  • It is better to avoid steroids with high androgenic activity. At least, do not take them for a long period.
  • Preference should be given steroids, which are as small as possible inhibit the body’s own testosterone production or suppress it altogether.
  • Do not abuse steroids with high levels of the toxic generic version of levitra effects on the liver, it is better to use injecting drugs – they are safer and more effective.
  • Be sure to pass the PCT with anti-estrogen drugs to reduce the risk of gynecomastia, water retention in the tissues, and other side effects, as well as the recovery of endogenous testosterone and consolidate the results of the steroid course.

Although it is simple recommendations, many bodybuilders knowingly or unknowingly violate them. Another important point that you need to pay attention before you begin a course of steroids – is the presence of contraindications. These include the following:

  • Age of 18-21 years. The reason is the following: before the age of the body has not yet been formed completely and continues to grow, and the action of these steroids for migraine hormones leads to stop the natural growth, hormonal disorders and other irreversible consequences.
  • Heart problems. Most steroids raise blood pressure, and strain on the internal organs, especially the heart, that it is dangerous complications of existing diseases.
  • Hepatic and renal insufficiency. Against the background of water retention and destroying the toxic effects on the liver existing problems in the work of the internal organs may worsen.
  • Oncological diseases. The studies proved that steroids do not cause the development of tumors, but can accelerate the development of existing ones. Especially it is necessary to beware of men with prostate tumor fair.
  • Atherosclerosis. As in previous cases, the only increase steroids symptoms.
  • It is not recommended to use steroids to women as a significant increase in the content of the hormone in their body causes the batista steroids development syndromes virility: hair growth on the face and other parts of the body, deepening of voice, change the shape of male type and so on.

The above are the main contraindications, risk reduction recommendations of side effects and some of their causes. Now a closer look at the most common ones.

Reducing the level of endogenous testosterone

The reason for this widespread side effects are as follows: during the steroid testosterone concentration in the blood is greatly increased, which serves as a signal alpha pharma steroids for the endocrine system to decrease production of natural hormones in the testes for the normalization of hormonal levels. The body always strives to maintain homeostasis, so any hormonal fluctuations cause a number of reactions, aimed at restoring the normal state.

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In fact, this side effect is nothing terrible if to take timely corrective actions. To prevent it is most often used gonadotropin – it not only stimulates the secretion of testosterone, but also protects the athlete from such unpleasant consequences Oxabol (oxandrolone) testicular atrophy. Gonadotropin works by stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which takes place under the influence of testosterone production in the testes process.

For treatment to be effective, you need to take gonadotropin correctly. The dosage and duration of therapy is determined by the characteristics of the steroid course. For example, for most solo courses lasting 4-6 weeks gonadotropin therapy steroids weaken immune system is not needed, unless we are talking about the use of powerful androgen. If the course is a combination or a long, gonadotropin taken at a dose of 500-1000 IU per week, more accurate dosage is calculated on the basis of what qualities have included in the course of steroids and how long the period of their application. Gonadotropin begin to take the second half of the course during the 3 weeks with the expectation to complete the reception, along with steroids.

Simple and effective exercises for weight loss at home

A very common mistake – the use of gonadotropin as PCT. This is not entirely correct because the balls have to be atrophied, and to restore testosterone production will take some time, which would entail the loss of gain weight.

Other drugs used to restore the production of endogenous testosterone, the best known and Nolvaldeks Clomid – both have antiestrogenic properties. These drugs are often not used in the course jeff seid steroids of steroids, and immediately or some time after its completion, that is, as a post-cycle therapy and to secure massonabora results.

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Gynecomastia – is the hypertrophy of the breast with a simultaneous growth of adipose tissue in the chest area. This side effect is very unpleasant, and in the absence of proper treatment, even dangerous, but it can also be easily avoided by using additional pharmacological agents. There it is the abuse of high flavor and possesses a strong progestogen activity of steroids, such as testosterone esters.

The cause of gynecomastia may be not only steroids, and its main symptoms of acne may occur due to a sharp reduction of exercise an athlete or prolonged psychological stress. This is due to the fact that, together with a reduction of physical activity level decreases and the amount of testosterone produced, at the same time activates the female sex buy steroids online with credit card hormone estrogen. In addition to the above-mentioned reasons of gynecomastia include the following:

  • Tumors of the testes;
  • Tumors of the pituitary or adrenal glands;
  • Castration;
  • Cancer of the bronchi;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • Rayfenshteyna syndromes, Klinefelter and others.

The only correct solution for accutane and steroids the prevention and removal of gynecomastia syndrome – is the use of anti-estrogen drugs, such as Tamoxifen or Proviron. Usually Proviron® rate include steroid and the second week of taking a dosage of about 50 mg per day Tamoxifen is frequently used as a post-cycle treatment in a dosage of 10-40 mg per day.

In the later stages, when the disease syndromes already pronounced, antiestrogen hormone therapy does not bring the proper result, so the only solution is surgical levitra after effects intervention. Even more attempts to treat gynecomastia running can cause the opposite effect and only speed up its progress, surgery is almost always successful. In any case, even the slightest suspicion of gynecomastia can not be ignored: it is necessary to stop taking steroids, and seek help from a doctor, but in no case do not try to self-medicate.

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Incorrect treatment or lack thereof facing the appearance of malignant tumors, removal may not be possible.

Toxic liver damage

Probably one of the most talked about side effects of AAS, but in reality is not so bad as the media say about it. Thus the negative effects have not all steroids, and it appears not at all, not always to the same extent.

Why is that? Firstly, these negative properties do not possess all steroids and oral only with the presence of the methyl group in 17 position. Due to its structural framework such preparations are resistant to degradation by the liver, due to which, and have a detrimental effect.

Secondly, the level of the harmful effects of steroids on the liver teton winstrol for sale usa sports scout 3400 depends on the dose.

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In the absence of contraindications (liver disease), compliance with recommendations and the permissible dose of serious violations in the work of the internal organs can not be afraid. This clearly proves the results of studies Stanozolol steroid Dianabol and fluoxymesterone in experimental animals: significant liver damage and related syndromes occur in animals, if they give steroids at doses 10 or more times higher than recommended. If we talk about a person, the same methandrostenolone becomes really dangerous at a dose greater than 80 mg per day, despite the fact that the recommended dosage for athletes is 5-50 mg (30 mg in average).

Thirdly, the human liver is able to repair itself, and the negative consequences of steroid use completely reversible. In this area was also studied, but with the participation of the two groups of athletes: for a certain period of time, some participants took steroids, while others – not.

After a while, all the subjects were examined, and all those who took steroids, revealed irregularities in the liver. However, re-examination carried out after three months showed absence of any deterioration, on the contrary – a liver condition has improved.

Is there a way to protect fenzi dog sports yourself from such unpleasant and dangerous side effects of steroids during the course and after its completion? Of course have.

To do this, follow a few guidelines:

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  • The surest way to avoid negative consequences – to choose safe, better injecting drugs;
  • If there is a need for a 17-alkylated oral steroids, they must be used in strict accordance with the recommendations, if large dosage – take supporting means such as Essentiale Forte or Liv 52;
  • To minimize the burden on the liver: avoid alcohol, fatty, fried foods and sweets.
  • Regularly for tests and monitor your health, so that in case of a problem to identify and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Acne, Acne

This is a very common and extremely unpleasant side effects of most steroids vysokoandrogennyh. It is manifested in the form of intensive work of the sebaceous glands, the appearance of expressive blackheads (comedones) and blackheads on the site which may be scars and scars.

Hardest of acne (acne) affects skin areas with the highest concentration of sebaceous glands – the face, chest, back, shoulders. Depending on the causes of acne are two types sports hd me:

  • Inflammatory: vulgaris, fulminans and konglobata.
  • No inflammatory: comedones and follekulyarnye keratosis.

Acne has been and remains one of the main issues of bodybuilding for two reasons. The first – the use of steroids, androgenic effect which has a direct effect on the sebaceous glands. The chicago sports and social second – the consumption of carbohydrates in large quantities, which also leads to improper functioning of glands.

Since in most cases, athletes are faced with a form of inflammatory acne, consider the basic ways to treat it:

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  • The main cause of acne is an androgenic effect of steroids, preference should be given drugs with a low androgenic index.
  • Reduce the amount of high carbohydrate foods in the diet, it is better to replace the fiber;
  • Unsubscribe from fatty, sweet and spicy food;
  • Increase the number and frequency of water treatments: washing, taking a bath or shower is also recommended to use skin moisturizers and soaps with pH 5,5.
  • Include in the diet of more fresh fruit, use special vitamin complexes, particularly useful are vitamins horse steroids side effects on humans of group B.

Also, the following types buy steroids usa of medical procedures used to eliminate acne:

  • Rubbing the affected skin salicylic alcohol several times a day.
  • Regular visits to the solarium (moderate exposure to UV light has a positive effect on the skin).
  • The use of anti-acne: Zener, Skinoren or Accutane (if other means do not bring results).
  • If this does not work, it is assigned a course of antibiotics (no self, only on prescription!). To clean the skin from scarring drug use Clindamycin.
  • In the most severe cases of acne are removed mechanically, cleaning the blood may be required.

Virilnoe syndrome (virilization)

Virilization (masculinization) – is the development of male sexual characteristics in females as a result of hormonal balance under the influence of steroids with high androgenic index. These syndromes include deepening of the voice, hair growth over the body, menstrual irregularities, increased sexual desire, the development of the expressive muscles, skin problems, rashes.

Since irreversible virilization, athletes better to refrain from the use of steroids in the testosterone-based, and if they accept them, in very small doses and only short courses.

Potentially list of supplements that contain steroids dangerous steroids are all testosterone esters (except propionate) Oksimetonol, trenbolone, injectable Stanozolol and Drostanolone and Mesterolone in high dosages. Steroids, which women can use without fear of being subjected to virility changes, just a few: Anavar, Dianabol, and Stanozolol oral form, but only in small doses.

Between repetitions courses definitely need to make long breaks to restore hormonal balance. Depending on the individual predisposition syndromes manifest virility, not all women equally.

The more harmful steroids and how to reduce their negative effects on the body?

The harm of steroids is not limited to the above-mentioned side effects, there are other, equally unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous Anavar Hubei (oxandrolone) consequences. For example, some drugs disrupt the ratio of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) in favor of the latter, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the heart.

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However, as a result of studies it found that this phenomenon is temporary and after a while after completion of steroids all returns to normal. To avoid reduction of HDL in the course you need to take omega-3 fatty acids to limit the intake of animal fat and chicken egg yolks.

Often athletes while taking AAS athletes are faced with a problem like high blood pressure.

This happens for the following reasons:

  • Increased red buy levitra online with paypal cell mass of blood (it is rather a positive than a negative property of steroids);
  • Together with fluid retention slows down the process of removing sodium from the body;
  • Constricts blood vessels.

Normalize blood pressure during the course easier, just use antihypertensive drugs metoprolol (50 mg) and enalapril (5 mg). If these doses their effectiveness is insufficient, the dose of metoprolol can be slightly increased.