Sports drinks

Sports drinksToday, sports drinks have become increasingly popular in bodybuilding. This was made possible thanks to the fact that the beneficial substances dissolved in the water absorbed by the body much faster than any food or mix. It should be noted that particularly useful such drinks will be for those who are just beginning to seriously engage in bodybuilding, as a drink quickly restore energy and mineral balance novice athlete.

For professionals held, a drink will be less useful, since it contained the amount of nutrients is less than that which is necessary for recovery after workouts with considerable loads. Therefore, most professional bodybuilders use sports drinks as an additional source for quick energy and minerals.

At present, a large selection of sports drinks on the market. Depending on the objectives pursued in training, should be selected and drink. Thus, the prevalence of caffeine and taurine in the composition of the drink improves muscle tone, and guarana-based drinks and synephrine are used in the fight against excess weight.

In general, all sports drinks are used in bodybuilding, can be divided into three main groups:

– Fat burning;

– Energy;

– Isotonic;

Energy sports drinks

For people who do sports after a hard day, it is characteristic of certain physical and energy depletion. Quickly restore power to exercise allow energy drinks. One of the main causes of the feeling of fatigue is to reduce the amount of neurotransmitters in the body. These substances are Growth hormones responsible for the transmission of impulses between cells, and the person feels better, the higher the rate. The main task of energy drinks is to raise the level of neurotransmitters in the human body.

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The composition of virtually all energy drinks include the following materials:

– Caffeine;

– Guarana extract;

– Taurine;

– Ginseng;

– Damiana.

It should be noted that a qualitative energy drink must also contain a number of vitamins: C, B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP.

All energy drinks are conventionally divided into tonic and carbohydrate.

In Western countries, the majority of soft drinks belong to the drugs and, therefore, can buy them only in pharmacies. In our country they are sold without restriction. But to use them in large quantities is not recommended, as it can have negative effects (insomnia, depression, etc.). Therefore, before using tonics to consult with a specialist.

Carbohydrate drinks are used to replenish energy during the workout and after. Due to its structure complex carbohydrates in the human body gradually disintegrate, enabling to maintain blood glucose at a sufficient level.

Among energy drinks today are the most popular XXI Power Guarana, Lady Fitness Turbo Fit, leader of the marathon.

fat-burning drinks

The main element of fat-burning beverage – L-carnitine. The peculiarity of this element is its ability to affect the increase in the permeability of cell membranes to fatty acids. Thus, it increases the absorption of body fat for energy without increasing the disintegration rate of fat tissue. Start receiving fat-burning beverage characterized by a fairly rapid loss of fat tissues, which in some cases reaches 10 kg / month.

Side effects of these drinks is practically not observed, but before you start using any drink, you need to carefully study its composition.

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Among the fat-burning beverage for today are the most popular L-carnitine, Power L-carnitine, Lady Fitness Carni Fit

isotonic drinks

During intense training athlete loses about 1 liter. liquid. Isotonic drinks are designed to efficiently quench fluid loss in the body and replenish vitamins and salts in the cells.

Also, isotonic drinks can be used as an additional source of carbohydrates.

In general, the special side effects of these drinks is not observed (except when the athlete negatively predisposed to the individual components of the beverage). Therefore, when choosing an isotonic drink should examine its composition.

Among the isotonic drinks for today are the most popular leader Izomineral, XXI Power isotonic, Lady Fitness Iso Fit.

As a conclusion it should be noted that the intake of sports drinks with bodybuilding will allow you to maintain fluid balance, energy, minerals and vitamins in the body.