Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Squats and leg presses: exercises battle

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ровпвцооSquats and leg press – often these exercises are considered as an adequate substitute for each other, but are they really?

On the one hand, with the leg press weight unequivocally say that this exercise is much greater than the weight in the squat. But, oddly enough, it does not make it more meaningful and useful exercise. Is that for your self-esteem – the weight is about-ho-ho is!


The reason for these records that when leg press is not necessary to keep the body in balance, keep the balance and stabilize the hips and back. This allows you to take more weight, but exercise may carry a risk, because feet and knees have to load that they simply would not stand in the wild, not in an artificial supine.

Squats in terms of functionality – one of the most natural Bodybuilder sex and frequent movements in the life of each person. You perform squats ten times a day – every time you sit down and get up from a chair. And when the last time you did a movement that would be like the leg press? If you are not a circus artist, it is unlikely that recall some appropriate situation.

In addition, when leg press, you do not train the back, which is unacceptable in this age of sedentary work in a half-bent position.


For the leg press often carried the argument that Winstrol squats are difficult for a beginner in the technical sense. In fact – a dubious advantage. After all, sooner or later anyway squats will be included in the training program. And people will be a newcomer to the squat, in any case, no matter how much he pressed his feet before.

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So can better master the squat with the minimum weight in the beginning, than after a few months of classes, when inspired with success in the leg press, squats and people will take a decent weight. And it will not learn the technique with the weight, which is simply impossible to get hurt, but on the contrary, with more and more traumatic.

Hormonal response

Another serious argument in favor of squats – the hormonal response that they cause. Weight training help to increase the level of growth hormone and testosterone. And squatting – one of the most effective exercises in the matter. Leg press such exposure does not produce. So, if you want muscles – squat.

Benefits of Sports

zhim_nogamiAnother aspect of the problem – it is the use of selected exercises for other sports. If you do, among other things, and in order to improve their performance in other sports – the leg press, you are unlikely to help you.

The reason is the specifics of the motion: first, forcing the athlete squats unbent knees and hips, but only at the knees unbent leg press. Hips same at all times remain the same bent (in relation to the body) position.But many sports involve such movements, in which the hip unbend. Take at least a universal and necessary movement like jumping up.

The second problem – it is already mentioned the lack of need for a stabilization leg press. Almost any sport requires a good balance. Squat is a greater or lesser extent involve the muscles that support the stability and balance.

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Results are as follows: sit-ups win on all fronts, but, of course, and feet mode will not be considered as a futile exercise. It has its strengths: it is easier to master the technique, it may be suitable for certain types of injuries and rehabilitation. Also, press the feet can be seen as an additional exercise training program.