Steroids: good and bad

Steroids good and badWhy athletes think about the use of anabolic steroids? Because without doping results grow very slowly. In fact, steroids – it’s dope for professionals. Those who do not earn their body, steroids do not need to apply. But let’s still try to figure out what the pros and cons of what anabolics. So, steroids: good or bad?

The first thing to note from negative pobochek on steroids – it’s trouble with the law. Russian legislation is imperfect. It equates to a drug steroids, steroids which, of course, are not. So if you decide to order a pharmacology in the mail, then we are prepared to serve for seven years. Not fair? Yes, but you have to obey the laws.

If you are less than two years, and you are under eighteen, you will not use steroids. You do not really know how to train, so the result you will be temporary. That is, first you will type 10 kg, and then the same will lose 10 kilos. Why waste money and risk to sit behind bars for such a, to put it mildly, questionable results? And do not think, that hold typed. Do not hold. After the course, the amount of testosterone you will have less than before the course. It is, of course, will be restored to normal levels within 2-3 weeks, but during that time you already have time to lose most of the weight gained.

The damage from steroids greatly exaggerated. Speaking analogy, you can compare a two-month course with a bottle of beer drunk.However, it is noteworthy that beer advertising, and for the use of steroids, you can serve a decent life. Moreover, the beer has an addictive and no steroid. This absurdity of the current legislation. The damage from steroids, of course, there is. But it is quite miserable if you course will be competent coach. The main pobochka on steroids – acne on the face, associated with huge levels of testosterone. If you make a wrong tablet course, it is possible and shlopotat liver problems. Anything else that you have heard about steroids – delusions and fictions envious. Acne and the liver – a real pobochki from the use of steroids. A injections in the liver does not affect.

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Use steroids or not – your decision. However, it is not even in the dangers and not in violation of the law. The fact that the meaning of steroids for amateurs not. Think about it. Risks that you get are not worth the chimeric more rapid progress.