Stopping steroids

steroids2“First-class steroid users” use them over several years and without interruption. It’s just that they always have to be ready for various championships, to be in shape for all sorts of performances and photo shoots, it requires sacrifice. I recall in this regard Matt Mendenhall. It had the potential to be the best bodybuilder of all time.

Yet crossfit steroids 2017 many steroids have reduced it to nothing, before he was able to win the national title – the goal he set himself. Phil Hill – another athlete who had to pay for his health required at this level, the duration of steroid use. After he, like a rocket, ascended to stardom today about it or heard. James Demel gave hope as a national champion, but did not reach it because of the numerous amount of steroids. If I am not mistaken, he is now trying to get back, but as a “builder” – a happy friend.

Frank Santariello suffered a serious setback Mastebolin (drostanolone propionate) after his success in the age of the teenager before he could win the national title. I have heard that he is quite ill because of steroids thai 50 steroids. Some believe that this is not professional.

Many professional bodybuilders, athletes of the national teams, all of them are in a similar situation. Their whole program is too saturated to allow a break to relax.Because their success depends on “top form”, steroids should be unconditionally accepted for a year. “(From” Handbook of anabolics “, 6th ed., 1991, W. Nathaniel Phillips, excerpts from a speech by former professional bodybuilding, which for several years of disputed title).

The reasons why athletes voluntarily stop taking steroids – very different.

One of the main speakers in favor of such a pause, – of course, a variety of health damage. Some stopped out of habit, because We heard that after 12 weeks should be the same break steroid use. Others – due to limited financial super steroids resources or to the doping control. Often due snizevshegosya effects of the drug on the body, and because of the diminishing scale of growth, which becomes noticeable in the majority within a few weeks of taking the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) drug.

And almost all of the athletes in this scenario at a loss: the following weeks felt with mixed feelings deca 300 for sale, because do not know what to expect, well, those who have already had this experience (sometimes negative) know only too well that there will be again the same thing. And these fears are justified, because most athletes zapoluchayut classic interruption symptoms course of steroids, such as weight loss, decreased strength, muscle atrophy, increased fat accumulation. For some it leads to depression, reluctance to exercise. Why?

Yes it is simple: the athlete enters the catabolic phase. And here he has to deal with two problems, which he dutifully to decide in the coming weeks, allowing in the shortest possible time to re-start taking steroids. This is understandable: its own production of testosterone is reduced and the scale of the process depends on the duration of steroids and especially on the dose. The androgenic steroid, the stronger inhibitory effect on the body’s own testosterone steroids in athletes production.

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Foremost among options steroids testosterone, Dianabol and Anadrol. At more moderate (Deca, Primobolan, Winstrol, etc) possible reduction in the scale of production of testosterone is not only smaller, but both it (reduction) is slower and more gradual. When Dianabol example, studies have shown that even with a conservative dose of 20 mg per day after 10 days buy steroids credit card of production is reduced by 30 – 40%.

Because the body can not be the day to once again raise the level of production of its own hormones, the athlete enters the phase transition Critical points. There is no longer exogenous hormones, testosterone and its own oxy steroids side effects little contributes to the improvement of the situation. Therefore it is necessary as soon as possible again to increase the production of testosterone.

As far as possible, we will describe later.

The second problem – a significant loss made by an athlete while taking steroids. We know that steroids have a strong anti-catabolic effect. While steroids steroid molecules block cortisol receptors, thereby cortisol produced by the kidneys can not communicate with them, and for the most part remains in the inactive state.The body reacts to this generation of more cortisol receptors that are in the blood in an incredible amount of cortisol molecule could finally fulfill his task.

And it’s not so bad, if the athlete taking steroids smoothly. But unless preostanavlivaetsya steroids, cortisol receptors are free again and know what to do are in many molecules of blood cortisol. They molneenosno rush to cortisol receptors form a complex “molecule – receptor” and carried to the muscle cell athlete is not pleasing information: amino acids decay.

They (amino acids) are leaving the muscle cells get into the bloodstream, where it is converted into glucose. What happens in the robert irvine steroids future is already listed in other items.

Thus the second goal of the athlete, along with higher levels of testosterone is to reduce cortisol levels to tolerable. And this with the relevant knowledge possible.How? Readers will learn more.

In the following, we will describe an intelligent phased transition when you stop taking steroids. However, we would like to stress that this information can not give a full guarantee that the athlete does not lose anything of progress.

1. It is important that the athlete zaraneee identified himself when he took a break from taking drugs, enough to prepare for this.

This means the timely acquisition of the necessary supporting products, as well as the search for the correct psychological attitude to the possible failure.

2. Work on day X slowly and steadily. Approximately 4 weeks the athlete should reduce the intake of steroids silnoandrogennyh.

If you take pills, well, for example, Dianabol or Anadrol, their number is slowly and gradually reduced over best substitute for steroids a period of 14 days so that the pills predominantly androgenic steroids was stopped exactly 2 weeks before day X. The receiving injectable androgenic steroids such as Parabolan testosteroina or reduce dose injections to zero within four weeks, so that they receive only ends on the day X. Soft oral steroids such as Primobolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone, oral-Turinabol, etc. are reduced slowly and steadily for 14 days prior to X, is through 2 weeks of taking them will not be reduced to zero. When a “mild” injectable steroids such as Deca-Durabolin, Primobolan Depot, Winstrol Depot is enough, if the dose steroids images is one week before the end of their reception is reduced by half.

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3. Avoid vnezanogo cessation of all steroids at the same time.

Because of this, the body abruptly comes into catabolic phase. Receptors cortisol released and combined steroid for sale in usa with a low level of androgens testosterone and this leads to a significant loss of strength and weight, the accumulation of fat and water, and frequent gynecomastia, because sudden decrease androgen levels shifts the ratio in favor of estrogen, so that the latter become dominant in the male body. Especially when this rush into the eyes of the reluctance of training and lack of sexual interest, and the terrible state of mind of many athletes. If you are forced to do so for health reasons, it is particularly never stop taking steroids suddenly.

4. If an athlete is not yet taking anti-estrogens, it should begin to receive them in the last week of the gradual discontinuation of steroids and use them during the next 3 weeks daily.

Athletes omega labs steroids taking them within a week to the day of X, continue taking them in (3 weeks later) within the specified time. Ezhedenevnoy combination of 20 mg Nolvadex and 25 mg Proviron, judging from experience, it is sufficient, it is appropriate for the purpose of reception. When the athlete is not observed an excess of estrogen, an important factor, which should pay attention to, and at the final reception of testosterone stimulants such as the HCG, sinceHCG is often itself increases the level of estrogen in the blood. Contained in the androgenic effect of Proviron also further promote the recovery levels of androgens, so that the ratio of “androgens – estrogens” shifted towards pervonazvannyh.

The ability to reverse the effect of the termination of use as an anti-estrogen combination is greatly reduced by using Proviron.

5. To increase do steroids increase estrogen levels the production of endogenous testosterone athlete receives on the one hand the HCG, which is a direct and rapid influence stimulates testicular germ cells, on the other hand Clomid, providing full effect on the arc “hypothalamus – pituitary gland – testicles”, bringing her back into action, but for the a longer period of time. Receiving HCG begins during the last week of discontinuation of steroids.

Athlete injects himself with three injections of 5000 IU for 3 days. Finally – another three injections of 5000 IU every 5 days. After 3 injections of HCG begins and receiving Clomid, as gonadotropinstimuliruyuschee his action is better shown at a pre-activated the enhanced activity of the testicles. Clomid used over 2 weeks, daily, 2 tablets of 50 mg in the first week and 1 tbl. 50 mg per day during the second week of his admission.

For women, paragraph 5, of course not the case.

6. This information is useful if the athlete was unable to avoid the catabolic action of high cortisol levels. The drug carrier with a pronounced anti-catabolic effect, beta-2-simpatikokommetika Clenbuterol.

He successfully blocks retsetory cortisol, so that the drinking while on steroids athlete, judging by experience, retains much of the architecture using steroids strength and muscle mass. Because Clenbuterol reception begins immediately as the end of a steroid course, it goes more than 8 – 10 weeks (see also Clenbuterol.). Another drug simpatikokommetikov, which also has anti-catabolic effect, less strong than Clenbuterol – is Ephedrine.

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The most appropriate in this situation the drug – a medicine used in conventional medicine for the treatment of Cuming syndrome, a hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex, due to which the body produces too much cortisol. Those who carefully read the book, you know what I mean: orimeten. Because it greatly reduces the level of cortisol, athletes use it directly as the end of a steroid course (see. also orimeten). Some athletes use in this phase of thyroid hormones, as they have in small doses after brief application of anabolic effect. Their effect is greatly enhanced anti-catabolic effect of Clenbuterol which explains why this combination is used in the final phase.

Introduction of growth hormones or medications that stimulate them, such Kataprezana or L-Dona, makes steroids for sale usa little sense, because these funds do not have a strong anti-catabolic best anabolic steroid for mass effect. What you can forget about is taking ornithine and arginine, as they are absolutely not effective. Based on the considerations that the drug muscle building can be saved.

7. Adjust the power to the changed ostoyatelstvam. At the end of steroid metabolism back to normal. This means that the athlete should reduce the daily amount of calories for a few days. However, protein intake maintained at a high level: 2 mg protein per kg body weight per day.

8. Reduce the amount of training. Avoid the same program as in the admission of steroids, otherwise catabolic state worse. The athlete in any case should not come to the idea of ​​sumamedshey maintain muscles with resistance training in relation to their volume and intensity, because this behavior affects negatively. Limit performing basic exercises, train every muscle, 1 time per week and try to preserve power.

Train no more than 4 times a week to exercise a limit ripped without steroids of 60 – 75 minutes.Some “experts” claim that the athlete should avoid a certain time and offer basic exercises instead lighter weight with more repetitions steroids and mood swings. Reality has shown time and again, you can save the accumulated strength and mass at the presence of will, discipline, vanity. In addition to the use of steroids, successfully arranged the transition between courses – the only possibility of continuous improvement. Often, of course, you need to take a step back, then to be able to make two steps forward. This is quite normal, and therefore there’s no getting around it.

Increase with steroids – it can most but save the results – a few state. Properly carried out the termination phase in combination with the intelligent response time helps to preserve achievements and create the basis for further successful steroids. Chapter “Meaningful building exercise” and the head of “Value food” does not represent a practical value for serious athletes.