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Of Dragon Pharmaceutical the British – a pharmaceutical company located in Thailand. Often confused with a similar company “British Dragon Pharmaceutical Limited” (Ltd. ), located in Hong Kong (China).

History of British Dragon started in 1999 in Pattaya (Thailand). Indeed, as such companies with that name were two: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals arisen before, and British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Ltd (its distinctive feature was changed logo and pyatimillilitrovye vials) a little later – in 2005.

The creators of the British Dragon was Edwin Richard Crawley and Ashley Vincent Livingston (also known as Rediket). First, the main purpose of the supply of finished products were the countries of Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East (stickers on the bottles of drugs intended for different regions, even different in color). Next, attention was drawn to the United States, whose “anabolic” market can be considered truly dimensionless.

The production line of the company was very broad – to produce just about anything! Sam “production process” at first was simple enough: a tablet manufactured in Thailand by the order and pre-pack is already in place. On-site poured into bottles and “oil” – it carried in large plastic bottles. However, it was only at the initial stage – approximately 2004 money invested in the establishment of normal production.

Cases British Dragon went so well that the company interested in the US government. The problems began in 2006, and in 2007 the United States had issued a warrant for the arrest of Crowley and Livingstone. March 21, 2008, Crowley and Livingston were detained in Thailand. It was at that time actually stopped the activities of the old company; all sold under the brand of BD after 2008, it could safely be considered counterfeit. And on the site of the new British Dragon 2008 is listed as the second year of “re-branding”.

Edwin Richard Crawley long fought against his extradition to the US, but, nevertheless, in March of 2011 appeared before an American court and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, a fine of one million dollars and five years probation. However, July 2, 2011, he was released due to the dire state of health – said the three years he spent in prison in Thailand. Shortly after his release, Crowley died in their homes. Ashley Vincent Livingston, on the contrary, immediately went to cooperate with the investigation by giving evidence against Crowley. March 5, 2010 he was sentenced in the US to 24 months in prison, but on August 5 the same year released.

Who is behind the company at the moment, it is still unknown. It is known that this is not exactly Livingston – he managed to arrest to sell the rights to produce British Dragon products and is now rumored to be engaged by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (from owners always had a special interest in Eastern Europe in general and to the Republic of Moldova and Romania in particular) . It is believed that for a company may be the owner of the Asia Pharma Michael Karner. Like it or not, it is not yet known, but whoever it was, he went to business thoroughly, and even in a big way.

Despite the fact that the owners of the current British Dragon emphasize that they have no connection with the company, which existed before, the names of products manufactured by it to suggest otherwise. In fact, they have not changed. But the packaging has become much more interesting: oral medications are packed in plastic jars, which, in turn, placed in cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes are also bottles with injectable drugs.


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