TestosteroneBefore the review of testosterone drugs market, it is useful to recall that this is the main representative of the category of androgens produced in Leydinga cells under the influence of luteinizing hormone. It was under the influence of testosterone are formed secondary sexual characteristics of male type, ie, a low tone of voice, body constitution men, body hair on the face, etc., as well as the regulation of reproductive function. In fact, this male hormone makes the Man. But we should not engage in self-deception and entertain the hope that the secret of becoming men only in this hormone and, by introducing a certain amount, the boy turns into a man by himself. Important factor, but not the only one. This spectrum is known as androgenic action. But there is an anabolic, which is used to improve performance in sports. This range affects the enhancement of protein synthesis in the liver, kidney, and especially in skeletal muscle. Unlike synthetic anabolic steroids, androgenic component is authentic in the formulations of endogenous testosterone. It should be remembered and not to confuse two similar, yet different categories of pharmaceuticals. On the advantages and disadvantages of the use of androgens, we will talk later, and now proceed to the review of what can and can not be purchased on the market.

To date, the production of a variety of drugs testosterone pharmacy and pharmacology succeeded far more than in the aspect of anabolic steroids. Various esters of manufacture and application forms. For every taste. Let’s start with the very young and soft – testosterone undecanoate. Produced by the Dutch concern Organon under the tradenames Parabolin (trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) Andriol (for the CIS market), and Andestor Restandol. The oral form in capsules either 30 or 60 units in a plastic jar in oil solution. Passes portal department in the liver, getting into the lymph, is deposited in the body fat and gradually absorbed into the blood. In a way a great invention, for testosterone, following in the digestive tract, the liver is destroyed. The advantages include a mild androgenic effects with a slight inhibition of endogenous testosterone, no water retention, acne. Disadvantages – low efficiency while enhancing athletic performance, muscle mass, the occurrence of increased libido (? Is lack of), the high cost. However, under certain conditions – indispensable. On it I left the course with the help of therapeutic doses (2 capsules per day, plus the continued combination of GC and clomiphene citrate) without any failure in the catabolic pit and decreased libido. Recommended use: the air has a very mild effect, so in order to improve athletic performance it is advisable to take from 6 to 12 capsules daily. Testosterone propionate. I have personally seen it in many guises – from the defunct Russian, until very recently got into my greedy for such delights, paws British Virormona.

Very promptly appeared on the market products BM Pharmaceuticals Indian pharmaceutical company. I am talking about Testopine. Light saw its two variations – in bottles of 2 ml and 1 ml ampoules with a nice concentration of 100 mg / ml, relieve muscles from excessive amounts of oil. Packaging design directly vials and ampoules Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is executed on a high artistic level, and the degree of protection against counterfeiting is far ahead of many respectable counterparts. Has established itself in the user environment, the drug is high and stable quality. We can say with certainty that it was after the appearance on the market Testopina to forget testosterone propionate returned erstwhile popularity.

Between the market scarcity in small quantities leaked testosterone propionate Romanian producer Sicomed SA uninventive Gypsies called the drug under the name of the active substance. He held it in his hands and personally used. Packaging design corresponds to the economic situation of Romania. But the most striking is the ampoule. No one same pair as if they are made glassmakers manually! The inscription applied ink, easily washable with alcohol. The smell of oil is very similar to the stench of mastic for parquet flooring sample flowering times of stagnation. I had the temerity to break ampoule. Scent-resistant, even in such small quantities.Very low concentrations of active substance – of 25 mg / ml. In short, an option for those who want to test themselves in extreme conditions. Fortunately, disappeared after the appearance Testopina.

More recently, the Ukrainian market saw Testovis produce enough known Italian company SIT. This is a vintage collector, gourmet product that can afford not just to eat, and feel the flavors and get aesthetic pleasure not only from the body to obtain the necessary material, but also on the process itself. Elegant packaging, no frills, but with taste. This is the way things look expensive. Inside opens eyes two cartridges caliber 2 ml of 50 mg / ml. Frankly, it is difficult to resist the temptation to use in the near future. Restrains common sense and rather high cost. But I believe that my time will come.

The second drug from the same series has impressed me even more. This production Virormon UK, Nordic Pharma ltd company. British Conservative and economical impact on the design, but also the quality of a truly royal. 10 vials of white glass with red and green lines on the head of the ampoule and white in place of fracture, transparent sticker attached to the drug magical appearance. A holder for two 5 ml vials with a capacity of 2 50 mg / ml gives confidence that having used a pack, the effect will be the maximum possible for the ester.

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Recommended use: due to the fact that the effect of propionate short term, it should be administered often, from one injection two days to daily. Dosages range from 50mg to long intervals to 100mg daily. Yours truly a fan of 100 mg a day.

Testosterone phenylpropionate rare visitor in our area. I believe that many users in a separate form it never met. However, Testolent made the already mentioned Romanian Sicomed SA Packing a nice, compact – a blue and white box with black font. The vials are the same variegated handmade. Concentration decent -100 mg / ml and more lasting effect than propionate. In the presence of the latter quality is any need for such air is eliminated. Recommended use: on practically does not meet the market, look for it makes no sense. It is more expedient to use propionate.

From small-caliber pass to the severe and long-range artillery. Why through the “I”? The answer is simple – do not always heavy long-range. An example is methyltestosterone – second oral formulation of testosterone. But unlike undecanoate, enters the portal and hepatic department with all his pounding on it. Very, very toxic (notorious Methandrostenolone, from which many of the liver hurts even when a sealed pack, significantly less harmful). Only toxicity of DDT. According to consumers, flavored with incredible force. Oil solutions, even in large doses do not give such a high degree of aromatization. It gives a considerable increase of power, but only for the period. Recommended use: use in bodybuilding, in my view, inappropriate.

Therefore, let us consider one of my most favorite esters – testosterone enanthate. If there is something that can force increased tenfold and inflating volumes (albeit with water), then this is enanthate. Nothing is more effective in the hands did not come across. Primoteston depot, Shering (Egyptian branch), Testoviron Depot, Shering (Spanish branch), testosterone depot, Galenika (Yugoslavia) Testen-250 (100), BM Pharmaceuticals (India): So, the following variations occurred in my life’s journey , Testosterone enanthate (Iran) and 1 recently got my hands on the dough enanth Geymonat SpA (Italy). I admit that this is not the full range of world-wide, but the winds of nothing else until he drifts into our market. I remember the incredible thrill of the first application enanthate. It was a testosterone depot from the defunct Yugoslavia today. Despite the uncomplicated design of the box and a modest application of the clear ink vial label, the quality of the drug affects. It amazes. Unusual for the majority of manufacturers in the overflow of the contents of the ampoule. When set to 2 ml syringe full two ampoules 1 ml vtyaneshsya not, because it turns out 2.4. The effect of the first application will never forget. It seemed that there is no weight, which would not have pulled muscles: is the weight that will not withstand ligaments, tendons. That it has made a record of the body weight of 113 kg. Mostly due to the water. But fascia stretched and subsequently filled cloth is easier. After he tasted Primoteston from sunny Spain. Packaging is bright, showy, temperamental, like the Spanish people with his warmth and bullfights. Schering Designers not freely eat their bagels and drink Porto. The internal content as a matter of respect and admiration, and design, and content. Much more relaxed packing the Egyptians, despite the patronage of one group. Alas, the flowering of Egyptian civilization, as well as its downfall, were far in the past and present inhabitants of Egypt is not easy to catch up. Packing guileless, not striking, but not repulsive. The most disturbing in Primoteston – the inscription in black double frame with Arabic characters. Especially taking into account the escalation of the confrontation of Orthodoxy and Islam in recent years. But the quality is absolutely identical to the Spanish – firm’s credibility is beyond doubt. You can not say about the form of testosterone enanthate from Iran. The box did not get to the place of consumption, so only saw the vial and was satisfied with the content, despite the low concentration of enanthate 100 mg / ml. I thought he was weaker. Perhaps subjectively. I do not like radicalism, especially religious. And there, at the helm of Ayatollah Khomeini, the guardian of the Quran and the enemy of all infidels, ie, us. Why support a potential enemy? I do not see sense. For fans of inscriptions in an unknown and mysterious Arabic can safely recommend Primoteston – High degree of protection collotype, producer credibility, proven quality. And at the concentration described, except Iran, 250 mg / ml.

She could not, just do not have the moral right to miss out of his sight BM Pharmaceuticals. After all, this promising and dynamic Indian manufacturer of a very wide range of hormonal drugs that are in demand. Testen250 and Testen100 – this is their answer to Chamberlain. Traditional glossy cardboard embossed, modest colorful design conceals a bottles with collotype and green plastic lid on the bottle. Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure to experience the effect of this on himself, but consumers who used it were very pleased with our choice and the saved funds.

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At the end of the epic enanthate on novelty – Dough enanth. Among the most family friendly exquisite packaging. Brown ampoule with a capacity of 2 ml, gently but firmly behind a thin white plastic, is mesmerizing. And Alexander wrote, hands reach for the pen, pen to paper – the minute and poetry will flow freely …. sobering cost. But perhaps it would be sad if everything went to “Jaguar” and worn on the hands of “Frank Muller”. Recommended use: range from 250mg to 1500mg for beginners to advanced. I really like 1000mg per week.

Next, consider testosterone cypionate. Some people believe that it is practically a complete analog enanthate in chemical structure, and accordingly, the strength and effectiveness, but enanthate preference for Europe, and cypionate – North America. Variations of this ester on the market is not so much as enanthate. It Testatsip and Testeks. The first comes from India, and produced by BM Pharmaceuticals 2ml vials with a concentration of 100mg / ml. Personally, I not tasted, but the reviews are traditionally favorable for the whole VM Pharmaceuticals products. But Testeks that in Europe produced by the pharmaceutical company Elmu (in the US – Leo), I yuzal and was very pleased. One of the prettiest on the external design of packaging, carefully attached brown cartridge with a capacity of 2 ml of 125 mg / ml of active ingredient are fascinating and involuntarily promised much before the introduction. The effect is similar to enantatnym, but too much oil. And the price accordingly. But for a change, alternating with enanthate, very, very effective drug. Recommended use: completely similar to the previous formulation.

I will describe a promising, as I then thought, a drug. In the thematic literature, I found the information that the aqueous suspension of testosterone is very effective, but requires frequent administration due to the short term. To be honest, respectful attitude to the potent drugs, and passionately longed to get hold of the aforesaid personal use. One day the good doctor Aibolit offered me this opportunity. It was Testotus100, veterinary medicine from a distant and mysterious Australia as manufactured by Jurox ltd. 20ml bottle looked very noble and impressive high-quality printing stickers embossed with the date of manufacture and expiry date. The bottle was packed in the same box with instructions. In a word, inspired confidence. As it turned out, in vain. The fractions in the suspension at Testotusa obviously larger than that of Winstrol. This created a problem that I could not solve. Introduction E body. Thorough mixing, speed dialing and instant introduction to muscle in any way they could not eliminate the effect of ‘instant plugging of the needle. The suspension is crystallized over a sufficiently large segment of the inner hollow portion of the needle, and clean it was possible only by removing it, removing from the syringe with the solution, and blowing with the considerable efforts of the empty 10 cc syringe. Moreover, the diameter of no importance – from 0.5 to 0.9 were killed is equally easy, does not last substantial variation left wounds on the body of long-suffering. For the introduction of 1 ml had punched buttock 5-9 times, which eventually led to extensive bruising and severe abscess on the left buttock. But the most offensive, that no superandrogennogo effect, I did not feel imposed upon such suffering. I recommend not to learn my bad experience and not to trust Dr. Dolittle with a tarnished reputation. Recommended use: due to the absence in the market of the brand in this configuration, which could be trusted to use that no hitting, do not recommend.

I am sorry that never have to experience the effects of natural testoterona Heptylate. Produce (note the past tense) in France, a country of love and romanticism.The literature ascribes to him a miraculous effect, but what’s the use to be sad about something that really is not and probably never will. But the brand is a success today. If these things the name appears in the price the dealer, an urgent need to change it. And do not give in to the sweet singing of the old stocks. It is a myth similar to the game of thimbles with a known winner in the game of evil.

Great invention Pharmacology presented to those who from early childhood to gray hair (or bald as of destiny) is afraid of injections and tablets wary of trying to achieve unrealistic, namely the increase in life expectancy. This testosterone patch. To improve athletic performance is absolutely unsuitable because of the power of insignificant effects on the body. Personally I did not come across it. Probably because of the meeting with him, I was not looking. Recommended use: no use in bodybuilding.

From one-component preparations proceed to consider the composite consisting of two or more esters. The first in this series is a combination of enanthate and propionate. The world he was under two trademarks – testenat production Russia and Testenon VM RPag-maceuticals, India. The advantages of the composite in double exposure on the body – a powerful and prolonged enantatnoe mild transient propionate. Personally I did not use this drug. It is worth to mention the good reviews. BM Pharmaceuticals has not had time to compromise themselves poor product quality, and continuous improvement ^ degrees of protection against counterfeiting does not set up production thereof under steady reputation of the Indian business. In Testenon 1 ml of oil for 25 mg of propionate and enanthate 110. I would have expressed his personal conclusion that Testenon good for those who wish to experience the smooth operation enanthate. For experienced lower dosage fans. And to make the first steps towards this powerful air – just right. Recommended use: similar to enanthate for doses, but if the enanthate can be administered once weekly rate from Testenon expedient to break, in order to fully taste the sandwich of two beautiful ethers. Omnadren-250 is a mixture of four esters with a total weight active ingredient 250 mg of testosterone:

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1. propionate – 30mg;
2. phenylpropionate – 60mg;
3. izokaproat – 60 mg;
4. caproate – 100mg.

Produced by the Polish pharmaceutical production association Jelfa. The market is found in two variants – for the domestic Polish market pink packaging, which is concerning. recently increased in size (to deal with the massive falsification of the Moscow production) and export option for the CIS countries – is flat (as previously for the Polish internal size) with a wide blue stripe at the bottom and an inscription in Russian. One of the three androgens certified for sale through the pharmacy network in Ukraine and four certified in Russia (Sustanon-250 is not certified in Ukraine). The second had only seen from a distance. First, not only seen, but also consumed. Repeatedly. A very effective thing. There were numerous complaints that it is tangible Omnadren other provokes acne. For himself discovered that not more other androgens. I think the cause of the mass pryschevyh arrays depends primarily on the quality of the skin of the athlete. If natural background oily skin is high, then acne occurs and no drugs that increase the greasiness. And washing should not be ignored, having such information about nature.Recommended use: for the sake of experiment, put yourself ampoules 5 thereof, in two days. Got the opposite effect – it began to lose weight and lose strength. So rise above 2000mg for very experienced not recommend. Beginners are not more than 500 mg at the peak, and the golden mean 1000-1500mg be within a week.

Sustanon-250 in many respects similar to Omnadrenom-250, except for the last, the most long-running ether:

1-propionate 30 mg;
2. phenylpropionate – 60 mg;
3. izokaproat – 60 mg;
4. Decanoate – 100mg.

It is a drug invented by the Dutch by Organon, produced in many countries and by many companies. In India, the production employed two: BM Pharmaceuticals (brand Vanity retard-250) and Infar (Sustanon-250 for the Russian market). Both products are packaged in blisters to 5 ampoules, but the VM traditionally takes a more low prices with high quality products. In Egypt, under the brand name Testonon (not to be confused with Testenon) by Nile Co. There’s also a branch of the Egyptian manufactures its products in individual package. More recently I saw a variant of Sustanon-250 production the Pakistani branch of Organon. Modest packaging, but quite colorful and small-sized. The cozy cardboard corrugation rests neat white vial with yellow collotype Printing and the timing of production and expiry. I do not resist, I tried. Although not initially planned. Perhaps, of all varieties to chose Organon products. Let accused of conservatism and hypocrisy, I’m a fan first and foremost quality. From my point of view, from Organon to meet this condition most of opportunities. Recommended use: absolutely identical Omnadrenu-250. The final review of the drug product is also dedicated to this giant of the pharmaceutical industry – more precisely, its Turkish subsidiary. It will focus on Estrandone consisting not only of testosterone and estradiol but, the female sex hormone. ester ratio of 1 ml of oil is as follows:

1. testosterone propionate – 20 mg;
2. testoterona phenylpropionate – 40 mg;
3. testosterone izokaproat – 40mg; &
4. estradiol phenylpropionate – 4mg;
5. estradiol benzoate – 1mg.

In appearance design for Organon traditional blue and white colors, the box is very similar to the packaging of the Egyptian version of Sustanon-250. What is the deep meaning of such a therapeutic combination, I can not say. In using it, nothing unusual noted for themselves. Maybe because he consumed together with Sustanon-250 … Directions for use: do not see any reason to drive an excess oil, when so many of the beautiful and svezherazlitogo Sustanon-250 on the market Because of low concentration of esters. Summing up the final line, I note a great variety of drugs testosterone series. Persons who take the first steps toward the use of hormonal stimulation, do not recommend to include androgens in the first of at least two courses. Then start with propionate and follow the rising to peak in strength. Force the chronology of events in this case is not only impractical, but harmful. Wishing to feel the androgenic and anabolic effects of testosterone will find a drug to suit all tastes. For his part, will give a recommendation of an experienced user – do not chase the cheap, do not use the services compromised dealers and in the use of the described products monitor the state of health