To restore the rhythm, I flew to Moscow to the National Medical and Surgical Center.


Daily cardiac monitoring showed an average pressure of 157 mm Hg. Art. (systolic, “upper”). There were indicators 160, and 170, and 180 – this is without training, that is, the strongest hypertension, which I ignored. Why? I’ll be blunt: a self-confident stupid person. When you are over forty, it is difficult to find beautiful and smooth explanations for your buying steroids online with credit card folly. All these years I have been doing cardio very actively (which is no secret to anyone), for some reason it seemed to me that this levels out the negative influence of my rhythm of life. I could only sleep for 3-4 hours for several days in a row, shook the seminars from one city to another, made regular flights – but, nevertheless, for some reason I did not attach importance to high pressure. And stubbornly said that this is my sports pressure. There is no “sports pressure”, now I know for sure – the pressure should always be within the physiological norm!

I found a cardiologist who worked with iron himself, and started asking questions. Naturally, I am not a small child, and the question was not “allow me”. I needed the following information: what is the maximum pressure during the load and the pulse will NOT harm me? What is the working maximum, which is not critical, will not be a “red line”, but will become just a feature that should not be exceeded. The answer was something sustanon 250 for sale like this: 140–150 mm Hg. Art. at the peak and 110 is normal, and the pulse zone is 110–120 beats per minute at the maximum. And that’s all. All trainings should have been in this zone, if at all possible under such conditions.

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At that moment, to be honest, I generally thought that everything was over, but with me was my savior, my beloved Ritu, my “mommy”. After the death of my mother, I just call her beloved, and I know for sure that my mother there, in heaven, hears and blesses us.

In the meantime, it’s December 2015, and again we have to fight again, but maybe I have to give up? Then why did he give me another test? Just to give up? Not. Relatives and friends considered it all differently, and the main argument was that I should be alive and healthy, and not have big muscles. By reason, you understand that they are right, but it is extremely difficult to accept all andriol for sale this, because half the life has passed with iron, even more than half, the whole life.

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In this situation, I knew for sure that I would find a way out, and since I myself was the culprit in my health problems, I too had to find a way out of this situation myself. I didn’t accept absolutely any outside help, didn’t want to talk to anyone, discuss anything, cut off contact with any hint of pity, I didn’t need all this. At that moment, there were close and dear to me — my brother, my already matured daughter, and, of course, Mom. I bow to you, my relatives!

My wife, of course, had to be a lightning rod, an arbitrator, to give care, wisdom, calmness, confidence — much more than before, while accepting all the bursts of my uneasy nature and unstable nervous system. She was afraid for me more than I did, did not sleep at night, listened to how I breathe there. And all the time I repeated two things: that nothing happens just like that, everything in life is interconnected and that I am not only an external image, the main thing is that I bring deca 300 for sale to the world, information, experience, everything I say and do. The problem of the difference in my current worldviews and me in 2015 was that I thought that I didn’t have the right for a large audience to tell you how to eat and train correctly, if at the same time I’m not in a perfect body, not in shape. Now I do not think so.

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And what at that moment? I took the limitations of doctors and turned them into a task. In my new task: “How can I dodge in such a way as to continue to train my body, while not exceeding the recommended values?” And this already sounded normal. That was the goal. This was already life.

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I still do not know what message fate sent me in such a way. Perhaps she wanted to say: “Stas, stop killing yourself in front of a pile of people.” No, I really don’t know. But just had to stop in terms of high-volume intensive training with large weights. I created problems for myself with my own hands, regime, and loads. So why should someone decide them, except me?

If I can not live without the gym and training, then I must develop and test a system that will help me. The four-month experiment of pure low-intensity statistical training was such a system. Except for unplanned pneumonia, which I will talk about a little later, the experiment proceeded purely – no other provibol type of training was used.

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So, no deterioration in the dynamics of the aortic state has been identified!

I felt that I was on the right track. As you probably noticed, in my life everything is “not thank God”, and as soon as it seemed to me that I had found a way out, then … Man assumes, but God disposes.

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… about arrhythmias

Unfortunately, my experiment ended earlier than I had planned, and in April 2016, during a tour with seminars in cities of Belarus, my state alpha pharma steroids of health deteriorated sharply: fever, weakness, and a slight cough appeared, and by evening the temperature rose to 40 ° C. Antipyretic beat the temperature down to 38 ° C for only half an hour, and then the fever returned. In the second city, an ambulance team that came to my call diagnosed my left-sided pneumonia. The verdict – you need to go to the hospital, but what to do, because I have two more cities ahead of me in which they are waiting for me? Having started taking antibiotics, I decided to go further, and yes, I conducted these seminars.

My beloved came to Brest to pick me up, since I could no longer walk, and the temperature did not fall below 39 ° C, my mind was confused. Rita later told me that before flying home, she spent the whole night in Brest wiping blood from my mouth, wiping me with water and praying, praying to survive that night so that the plane would not stay so that buy steroids with a credit card I would not die. When we arrived at the hospital in St. Petersburg, computed tomography showed a loss of both lungs by 60 and 40%. The doctor said meaningfully then: “We did. Are you aware of your heart problems at all? ”“ Where did you go? And yes, of course, I know about the vice of the heart, ”I replied. “We managed to stay in this world,” stated the doctor, “and now it’s not about heart disease, but about atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter.” I didn’t even suspect that I could encounter these very dangerous types of heart rhythm disturbances, because I hadn’t had anything like that before, but amid the most severe pneumonia carried on my legs and an insidious arrhythmia developed.

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So, I had not only a heart defect, the expansion of the aorta almost to the maximum allowable values, but also atrial fibrillation. Those who have had the misfortune to experience this heart rhythm disorder will not allow to lie, how hard this state is transferred.

Two weeks in a hospital bed, pulse under 200 beats per minute, “quenched” only with medications, shortness of breath and new conditions for solving my problem. But the challenge is to get rid of arrhythmias and, until this happens, find suitable training methods. Fortunately, the training regime that I developed for myself during the experiment turned out to be efficient in the current situation, adjusted only for the amount of training. The classes were shorter, because the usual one-hour workout simply did not have enough strength.

The idea of ​​the steroids for sale with credit card task of getting rid of the arrhythmia, which appeared after pneumonia, did not leave me. The option of natural rhythm recovery was also considered by me, but, as always in my life, the miracle did not happen: the heart continued to work incorrectly. To restore the rhythm, I flew to Moscow to the National Medical and Surgical Center.