training heart

training heartWhat is a muscle in the human body the most important? That’s right, it is the heart, and not your biceps or pecs. It is on the training of the heart muscle is not only appearance, but also the health and life expectancy of men (and women), his stamina and strength. In view of this, the heart of your training in the sports life should not take the last place. Read more about it will be discussed later.

Do you all know about this muscle?

The heart of man is not such a fragile and vulnerable, how many it represents. In fact, it is a strong and incredibly hardy muscle that performs the powerful work – all the time, without a second of rest, and reduced blood transfusions. Throughout a person’s life. Year after year. It is difficult to imagine such a load. Of course, it is no wonder that people often suffer and even die due to heart disease. Because this muscle, like everyone else, need to develop, train and use correctly. Otherwise the “motor” will stop, will not sustain excessive load. At the same time, training of heart – a piece is simple, and is suitable to absolutely everyone. Cardiovascular system does not require large sports and loads of records, quite the right approach and regularity.

Under control

Monitor the work of the heart is simple – this has a pulse. Average heart rate – is 70 beats per minute, but a slight excess during exercise, after climbing stairs or even psychological shake-ups – this is absolutely normal. After a short jog pulse may rise to 120 beats, and nothing abnormal about it. If you have sharply angry, scared, nervous, in a hurry or badly – the same phenomenon occurs. If the pulse is restored within a few minutes, then the heart is working properly.

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Training should take heart from the mind

How to train the heart and blood vessels? Need load. Moreover, both physical and emotional! It may sound strange, but this type of training also needs heart as exercise. It is believed that the heart needs rest – in the emotional sense of the same, that is, no stress, adrenaline and emotions. This is not right, peace is needed the patient’s heart, but healthy – exercise. In human life constantly have events occur that cause the heart to beat faster.

Yet, in the first place should be the correct physical exercise. Experts often recommend running, but it’s not the only way to a healthy heart and longevity. While jogging – an ideal sport suit almost everyone, it is simple and free. Just everything should be approached wisely – choosing any kind of sport, it is best to consult with a specialist – it will help to choose the right load, duration of training and other nuances, it’s all very individual.

Properly train the heart can only be in the gym, where an experienced trainer select the correct load will help you choose an exercise program, and will monitor the process. Especially because there are a lot of modern cardiovascular equipment, which for these purposes and created. Such simulators monitor the heart and allow you to build the right training, gradually increasing the load. Cardio is very different from the power load – if in the second case, the emphasis is on overcoming resistance, weight lifting, cardio is important in another activity – this, in which the body is most saturated with oxygen, and the heart to get the required load. Experts note that often people who want to jogging or aerobics is the gym, spend unnecessarily force, because cardio needs to be made ​​right – and without an experienced instructor can not do.

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The coach will help you to identify heart rate limits and set the correct load on the cardio equipment. And, of course, choose the best set of exercise equipment – a treadmill, exercise Erectile dysfunction bike and so on. It is also important that the instructor will show you how to exercise correctly – because of the correct formulation of the hands, feet, and right movements of the result depends. Self can not be controlled properly exercise.

If you are a “hardware” and want to add more cardio, it’s best to start with a power load, and then go to a cardiac workout. As for the frequency, it is recommended that three to five cardiac workouts per week, for at least half an hour per workout. And in addition to the gym, it is important to train the heart of everyday life – more walking, climbing stairs and so on.

In addition to the load, the heart needs rest. Too heavy loads harmful, and train this vital organ should be wisely and carefully. Between the load should be a respite, relaxation. But the rest should not be excessive – in training need consistency and discipline, and it is better not to make a break for more than a day, a maximum of two.


Taking care of your health and working out, you need to think not only about relief muscles and physical strength, but also the training of the muscles that are not visible externally. First of all, this heart. He needs to be paid no less attention than the rest of the muscle groups in the body. Therefore, prostraivaya training or organizing the schedule and load with the coach, do not forget about the heart – it was on its correct operation depends on life expectancy and health.