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Use of anabolic steroids

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anabolic steroidsThe use of anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids – drugs that are used to simulate the effects of testosterone are used to correct hormonal imbalances while reducing the production of this hormone. But these drugs also have one clear side effect – stimulates the synthesis of protein that triggers rapid growth of muscle mass, because of this particular anabolic agents began to use in bodybuilding. These drugs can have anabolic and androgenic action: in the first case, stimulates the production of muscle mass (the word “anabolic” is translated from the Greek word “capacity”), in the second – developed secondary sexual organs, the body becomes more masculine, increased body hair ( “androgenic” can be translated as “courageous”).


The use of anabolic steroids

A bit of history: the creation and application

Anabolic steroids are used in medicine before they complete Mastebolin (drostanolone propionate) the study, an experimental way. In medicine, for the treatment of male substance, derived from eggs of different animals, used even by the end of the XIX century and at the end of 30 years of the last century, it was first synthesized and isolated testosterone. then began its use in human therapy.

By 1938, anabolic steroids have been applied in heavy sports. During World War II, these drugs were tested on prisoners in German concentration camps, while their opponents were reduced strength in their emaciated victims of these same institutions. Rumor has it that testosterone was given to the soldiers of the German army and to warm up their aggression and enhance endurance, but the data has not yet been confirmed, but it is known – Hitler himself often resorted to the help of injections.


The use of anabolic steroids

In the future, these substances are widely used in heavy sports, including bodybuilding, active development of new, safer and more active their views. But it was Erectile dysfunction seen in the 60 years that taking anabolic steroids cause atrophy of the testicles and prostate enlargement, because of the opening of these drugs were banned in 1976. As athletes continue to use them, the system checks for doping, special analyzes was established soon determine the presence of anabolic steroids in the urine of athletes, it allows you to equalize the chances of all participants.

The effect of these drugs

All anabolic steroids have both anabolic and endogenous effects, their severity depends on the type of drug, a single dose, the duration of application.

  • muscle mass growth. Depending on the type of the drug can achieve a gain of up to 10 kg per month;
  • Evocation and energy. Athletes say in the use of these drugs improve the power performance in the basic exercises.
  • Most endurance.
  • The strengthening of the skeleton, reducing the likelihood of fractures.
  • Burning excess fat tissue.
  • Prostate enlargement.
  • Testicular atrophy, which can lead to infertility.
  • For women receiving steroids is fraught with the appearance of male pattern shapes up to change genitalia, increased hair. Therefore, taking these drugs without a prescription to women is prohibited.
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It is clear that for the sport of bodybuilding and need only anabolic effects, but all steroids are endogenous and influence. Now the development of drugs that will have minimal androgenic effect for the safety of their use.


The effect of these drugs

Possible side effects:

  • Reinforced appetite.
  • Increased irritability.
  • Depression
  • The appearance of acne.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Enhancing sexual desire – can be considered a positive effect.
  • Elevated levels of harmful cholesterol.
  • Some drugs can cause gynecomastia – a disease in men, characterized by an increase in mammary glands.
  • Violation of the liver, especially when using products with a long validity period – more than a few days, as well as oral forms of steroids, because these substances are processed by the liver and after it enter the body.
  • Hormonal disorders and development when used in adolescents.

The list goes on for a long time, side effects may vary from drugs.

Further side effects

When the treatment is finished anabolic steroids, a person may feel:

  1. depression due to the abrupt change in hormonal levels;
  2. decreased sex drive;
  3. erection problems;
  4. at long courses – the reduction or even complete cessation of own production of testosterone;
  5. decrease in spermatogenesis, which can lead to male infertility;
  6. testicular atrophy, particularly in excess of the recommended dose, or if the course was extremely long;
  7. frustrated due to a sharp decrease in the effect of exercise, as using steroids the athlete can increase up to 10 kg weight, they will not receive even after a long and exhausting training to bring such impressive results, the reason why most bodybuilders begin passing rate almost immediately.


Further side effects

To reduce the likelihood of side effects is recommended to strictly adhere to the program reception, not to exceed the dosage to combine different drugs, only if the course is provided, not to increase at will the duration of the reception, to avoid the use of these substances in adolescence.

Types and features of steroids

Anabolic – indispensable for fast and impressive results of training in bodybuilding and powerlifting. They allow you to quickly build muscle and improve strength, endurance, speed the healing of micro traumas. Primobol, Stanozolol, Boldenone – is not an exhaustive list of the most popular anabolic steroids.

Endogenous – their use in the sport more rare, because these drugs have a rapid and strong action is clearly necessary to establish safe doses and in any case not exceed them. After an overdose of these drugs can cause a number of unpleasant consequences. Use of anabolic steroids are mainly endogenous experienced athletes already know all the nuances of steroids and try to imagine anabolic tablets and capsules. Testosterone enanthate, Susamed, Testosterone Propionate – a list of the most commonly used steroid with strong endogenous effect.

As mentioned, all anabolic steroids have both these two effects, so this classification is conditional and allows you to share products on their main effect.

Oral – this type is often chosen by young and inexperienced athletes who are afraid of injections. Using them is simple – you need to put the tablet under the tongue, keeping the interval between doses, as required by the prescription rate. However, since these substances are absorbed through the digestive tract and metabolized by the liver before distribution throughout the body, it may develop from various diseases of the body, especially after exceeding laid dosages. Cases of hepatitis, bile stasis. The more anabolic, the more negative effects it causes. If you take oral anabolic steroids weaker group, they will not adversely affect the body, but also the efficiency of their less – can be achieved only gain endurance, strength and a slight increase in muscle.

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Types and features of steroids

To see suggested list with the most popular oral steroids: Turinabol, Oxandrolone, Danabol.

Injection – can deliver steroids directly to the tissues of the body, bypassing the liver. But the application itself can cause slight difficulty – you need one or two times a day to prick yourself certain dose of the drug in the buttock. This option is preferred for most athletes due to reduce the likelihood of side effects and high performance. It is this group of drugs can provide tremendous muscle mass gains of up to 10 kg per month. Among the most widely used: Deca Durabolin, Susamon, Winstrol Depot, Primobolan.

Consider the main myths and the truth about steroids:

  1. Anabolic steroids can kill

This is wrong because drugs themselves are not as harmful as they are described in the media. Even banal Analgin is not harmless at high doses, and steroids are not dangerous if you follow the course properly received.

  1. It is easy to buy anabolic steroids in pharmacies

The same is not true, because the prohibition of these drugs, introduced in the distant ’70s, until canceled, allowed their application only under strict medical appointments. Therefore, they can be purchased only on the “black market.” Unfortunately, because of this reduced and their quality, as certify and verify the originality of drugs to no one.

  1. Anabolic steroids are mainly used to increase muscle mass

Although most people associate with anabolic muscle pumping, circle indications for their use is unusually wide. It:

  • accelerating recovery after surgery;
  • fractures;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • chronic heart disease, including myocardial infarction;
  • dysplasia – gigantism, dwarfism;
  • diabetes;
  • anemia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • reduction of support body’s defenses;
  • nervous breakdown;
  • large burns on the area;
  • breast cancer in women;
  • progressive myopia;
  • rapid aging.
Acceptance of anabolic steroids: the main rules

Consider the main rules for admission of anabolic steroids:

Man grows up to 25 years before that age he discovered bone growth zone. Premature receiving anabolics promotes the accumulation of calcium in the bone tissue, which provokes the ossification of these growth zones. Therefore prohibited the use of these drugs in men with strong growth. At the same time, now you can find akseleratov whose skeletal growth is completed as early as 16 or even 14 years, what do you do? The yield is quite simple – you need to make an X-ray picture of forearm bones by hand, if the growth in this area has been completed – you can safely proceed to the reception of steroids. Otherwise, it is recommended to choose other drugs with similar effects, it can be insulin, hypothalamic and pituitary hormones, antioxidants.

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Acceptance of anabolic steroids: the main rules

Every single drug has a single dose and the recommended course of reception. It should be carefully observed. Many inexperienced athletes tend to increase the dosage or increasing the duration of the reception, naively believing that the more – the better. In fact, lowering the dose can cause a lowering effect and increase not only significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug, but also provoke the emergence of a lot of side effects.

  • First, the liver suffers, especially when using oral anabolic steroids, there is stagnation of bile, jaundice and later cancel without steroids – the development of hepatitis when liver cells are inflamed and die.
  • Secondly, a weakened liver can convert steroids over laid doses in estrogen – the female sex hormones, which makes the effect of taking the opposite.
  • Thirdly, excessive doses of anabolic steroids induce adrenal hypertrophy, whereby the stimulated production of glucocorticoids which destroy muscle.
  1. length of treatment

For each drug developed by the course of his administration, guaranteeing the best possible result. If you own to increase the duration of the treatment or to take it several times, then the effect will be reduced, and side effects – increase. This is due to the body’s addiction to the drug, the development of immunity to it. For this reason experienced athletes and doctors recommend similar products to constantly change in order to achieve optimal results. In most cases we recommend the use of steroids rates up to 3 months with the same interval.

Characteristics of anabolic steroids

Since anabolic steroids promote protein digestion enhancing, it should increase the consumption of the usual 70-100 grams per day to 300, respectively, the amount of fat and carbohydrates decreases. Without enough protein food intake of these drugs does not bring results.

For the majority of these drugs is justified by the slow build-up of doses, for example, you should start with one pill, and every week gradually increase the dosage until the desired.

  1. Recovery rate

After the reception it is recommended to take medication to restore the function of the genitals.


  1. The presence of tumors, especially malignant.
  2. Adolescence as steroids during active growth is fraught with violations of normal processes, reduction of natural testosterone levels, cessation of growth of the organism. During this period, men and so surpasses the level of sex hormones, which helps build muscle naturally without any additional preparations.
  3. Inflammation of the genitals.
  4. Adenoma

Anabolic steroids – currently saved in many serious diseases and a chance to quickly build muscle, but that will no longer suffer from the side effects, you must carefully observe all of their reception technology.