What you need is to love her with all your heart, and one day she will see it, she will understand.


It seemed unbearable. Veronica, or, as I affectionately called her, Nick, then it was very difficult for us to endure our separation from her mother. As luck would have it, the daughter was in transitional age, when teenagers begin to think in extreme categories – only good or bad, only black or white. They at this moment have no life experience, no understanding of half tones, and our life just consists mainly of them. At that time, it seemed to her that some other woman had taken her father out of the family, depriving her father, and her mother her husband. I understood that she had every right to consider it in this way, especially since it looked like that from the outside.

Losing a child, losing her love … What to do, how to live on? I knew how to raise the barbell with a heart defect, arrhythmia and injured hand, but I didn’t know how to get my daughter’s love back. Nicka categorically refused to come to visit us when Rita was at home, we began to see less often alpha pharma usa, and our relationship deteriorated more and more.

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The tests for it are given to overcome them. I thank God that he gave my Rita wisdom to the two of us. She did not try to seek contact with my daughter, did not try to become a friend, she constantly told me that she needed to wait for the insult to pass. That, when the daughter grows up, she will understand that Dad is happy. What you need is to love her with all your heart, and one day she will see it, she will understand. And we could! Now we are a real family, we spend time together, we go to relax, and most importantly – we are friends.

A SON. We have a son. Why do I say “we”? Because this is the son of my beloved woman, and for me he is my child, as well as for her, such a 23-year-old child. Max, his name is Maxim, like everyone else at his age, is a dunce, but he has a mother who, having met me, did not share the love between us, but simply multiplied her. He knows and appreciates this, and I am sincerely ready for him to do everything that I would do for my own daughter.

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ABOUT HER. We met with Margarita when I came to the gym as a coach, in 2001. Both were winadrol review already quite mature people, both were married and had children. At first, relations were friendly, and then, as they say, “they were friends”. We didn’t have to choose topics for communication, because we liked the same thing – we were 100% the same. Well, not 100, but 99% – because I would choose a bun between a salted fish and a tasty bun, and she would choose a fish, but you noticed that I would write “I would choose.”

We then became a sports friendly couple. Friendship is friendship, but who knew that this fragile body, 158 centimeters in height and weighing 51 kilograms, contains the spirit of a fighter tempered by a dozen years of gymnastics. Master of Sports of the USSR in gymnastics – you see, it is worth a lot. Generally, in the hall, a person is in full view: temperament, character, and some peculiarities of behavior are also visible. And if you prepare for competitions together, then here you can go through fire, water and copper pipes, because this is a difficult period tren ace max for each athlete: serious restrictions, mode, training, ambitions, fears. You can also run into conflicts, see how a person clears up a relationship. This is not something like a “school of family life,” but it is certainly a test of strength.

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The second feature of sports is not just sports, but actively competing (not with each other, of course) – the pair is that while one is training, the other supports it and balances it in particularly acute moments. But there may come a period when both are preparing for the competition. And this is a serious test for the couple and the nervous system of each athlete. It was like that with Rita and me: during one of the periods of synchronous preparation, we could not hold back our emotions, we quarreled so much that we didn’t talk for more than a month. Up to a joint performance at the All-Russian competitions in Krasnodar, where, as if by agreement, they took 3rd place, each in its own category. It may have played a role that we, two separate people until now, saw how strong the synergy effect was, and realized that 1 + 1 is indeed more than 2. Then, in Krasnodar, I first admitted to Rita love and he asked me never to leave me alone, because I would die alone. Many years have passed: we had a lot of things with my beloved for two, and I wouldn’t change anything from the past, even my injuries and illnesses, because each event is important – after all, it all adds up to a small mosaic in a huge picture called life .

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… about faith in God

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What else supports me every day? What helps to move on and stay afloat in any difficult situation? Not only my family, but also my worldview, which changed very seriously a decade ago.

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All my childhood was spent in the village of Dibuny, where the names of my relatives sounded Old Testament, as if by selection — Efim, Isai, Leo, Joseph, but I must admit that at the same time in the huge Jewish family they did not speak about faith at all. Neither relatives nor strangers spoke – I was surrounded by a complete spiritual vacuum. I grew up as an atheist, but with the birth of my daughter, I increasingly began to say the phrases “Thank God,” “God will give,” “God forbid.” I understood that these were not just words, that many things were beyond my control, and that I was looking for support in believing in God. I came up with my prayer, which I said every day after my daughter went to bed.

As I have already said, in my life in difficult times there always appeared people who helped me find myself, make the right choice. The acceptance of faith happened the same way. I met a priest, more precisely, he worked with us at the club, and, moreover, he turned buy steroids in the usa out to be an extremely educated person, versed in physics, biology, astronomy. But the most important thing is that he was a teacher, a wise mentor. We talked for hours about faith in God, and, what is most strange, I was the initiator of these conversations. I told him that I was not baptized, but I sincerely believe in God and in prayers I ask for health and well-being for my loved ones. That was my faith.

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He did not persuade, but simply illustrated my attitude to faith: “Imagine that you have friends and you have promised each other in case of trouble with one of you help: financial or any other. But over time, you begin to see your friendship differently: you are not honest, you violate your commitments, in general, you came up with a friendship that is convenient only for yourself. And when trouble comes, how do you think, will the friends, whom you are so selfish about, fulfill their promise? ”I replied that it was unlikely. “Then why did you come up with your own, convenient only for yourself faith, you do not live according to God’s commandments, but at the same time you ask God for help?” He asked me. This dialogue marked a turning point in my life: I was baptized at 37 years old, and it was a deliberate step, now I try to live according clenbuterol for sale usa to my conscience and I pray God for forgiveness for my sins. I miss my parents very much and I am glad that I managed to do what I had to: shortly before my mother’s death, I brought her to church, and she was baptized. I know for sure that if I do not step down from the chosen path, I will definitely see it.

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… about future plans

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I try to be a good father for my daughter and a good husband for a woman I love. Of course, for me it is extremely important. But it is also very important for me to be someone, something to represent. And when my daughter, upon hearing her name, is asked: “Are you, by any chance, not a relative of Lindover?” She proudly replies: “This is my dad.”

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